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Welcome to Medical School of International Ataturk Alatoo University (IAAUMS). we are pleased to announce that International Ataturk Alatoo University was granted license to conduct undergraduate programmes under Faculty of Medicine. It is a great pleasure for us to be a part of the team taking a role in the foundation of IAAUMS.
We train dedicated international physicians and scientists knowing more than two languages and are able to be employed in many countries including the countries of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and EU, African Countries, India, Pakistan, USA etc. Although the educational medium is English but a second language is taught. The school engourages and supports innovative ideas and aspires an open-mind environment for students to result in creativey and life-long learning urges in their mind.
We are developing an intergrated medical program in the collobration with international partners, national outstanding research centers etc. Top medical topics such as stem cell technology, molecular biology, nano-medicine, persenalized medicine, computer aided drug design, medical informatics are also joined to the syllabus of many lectures. That is why our students can be easily involved in top research activites going on in outstanding laboratories around all over the world.
Fundamental requirements under National-level University Entrance Examination:
• 110 Points in the main courses
• 60 points in Chemistry
• 60 points in Biology
International students have to clear examination to be conducted at university to get admission.
The Faculty of Medicine has two departments General Medicine and Pediatrics. Duration of the programme is six years. Medium of instruction is English. In each education year we have 4 modules.
• In the first year fundemantal medical science lectures (medical biology, histology and embryology, physiology, genetics, biochemistry, biostatistics etc) are given.
• In the second year, the curriculum is fully integrated around organ systems. It covers microbiology, anatomy, immune system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system etc.
• Intense clinical training and experiences involving direct patient care exist in the third and fourth years.
• One of our missions is excellence in patient care. Our university will build a modern hospital in coming year and we have good collobarations with outstanding hospitals and research centers. In last 2 years students will be enrolled in internship programs and they are supervised by excellent professional medical doctors.
The tuition fee for both departments is $ 3,000 for citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic; $ 3,500 for international students.
Examination for knowledge of English language (TOEFL) will be conducted for all students (including Sebat graduates and international students) on 25.08.2016 at 10:00. Students receiving 70 points and above will be enrolled for the first year of Medicine. Students failing English language examination have to take one-year language preparation course.
As IAAUMS we are waiting for students who love huminity and medical science.

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